Our Favorite Godfather’s Pizza Throwback Thursday Pictures

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ #ThrowbackThursday picture? Here are some of our favorite memories from the past 40 years here at Godfather’s Pizza.


The Godfather’s Pizza story began in 1973 in a suburb of Omaha, NE when Willy Theisen opened a store named after the wildly successful movie starring Marlon Brando. #TBT

The Godfather putting in work in his younger days... We gotta say, the Godfather ages pretty well. #TBT

The first Godfather’s Pizza restaurant was built next door to Theisen’s bar – Wild Willy’s. Soon the wall between the two was removed. As word of mouth about this new concept spread, franchising began. #TBT

Who knew the Godfather was there at the first Thanksgiving?! #TBT

In 1976, The Godfather character was developed to be the enforcer of our great pizza. Bill Koll had the original role and coined the term “pizza pie.” Why pie? Because of the thick crust filled with quality toppings and covered in mountains of mozzarella cheese to hold it together. #TBT

Here's a #TBT picture that's near and dear to us. Partnered with a cause like Boys Town, we truly believe every pizza we sell is an opportunity to impact and improve the life of a child and his or her family.

We didn't just hit it out of the park with our pizza pies...we hit a home run! #TBT

In 1996, our current President and CEO Ron Gartlan was selected to carry the Olympic Torch in Omaha, NE. #TBT

Here’s a little throwback to a couple months ago when the Godfather received some thank you notes from Willa Cather Elementary after stoppin’ by their school....He wasn’t too happy about bein’ called a witch though! #TBT

Quality products consistently produced in simple, efficient operations catapulted Godfather’s Pizza to number one in sales growth for fast food chains by trade journals three years in a row from 1977-1979! #TBT

Paulie, Tommy and Henry Hill didn't have nuthin' on Da Boss back in the day! #TBT


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