Pizza and a Movie: The Best Combo

So it’s Friday night and you have nothing planned...what are you going to do?! What better way to spend your night in than with a pizza and a movie?

We have a few tips you should take in order to make sure your movie night as relaxing and fun for all:


First step is to order the pizza. You have a few options here:

1. Call in your order- Find your nearest Godfather’s Pizza here and give them a call!

2. Order online- This is the quickest way to place your order and depending on your location, you can choose carry-out, delivery, or dine-in.

3. Order in person- Typically it may take up to 15-20 minutes to get your order ready, but it is guaranteed to be delicious!

Next step is to pick the perfect movie for your movie night. Here are some fool-proof movie tips:

  1. Look up the options and availability online or on your mobile phone before you go to rent.
  2. Search online for coupons.
  3. Pick a couple of movies that everyone in your group may enjoy.

Last step is to enjoy your fabulous pizza and movie night with your family and friends! You can’t go wrong with great pizza, great movies, and great company!