Top Ten Life Lessons From Da Boss

We got a hold of the boss himself and asked him if he would be willing to share some words of wisdom and life lessons with all his loyal Godfather’s Pizza fans out there. Here’s what he had to say:

#10 Always have your lawyer’s number on speed dial!


#9   If your pizza doesn’t have REAL Mozzarella somebody is gonna pay!


#8 Always tell da truth…unless, you know. Hey! Don’t make me spell dis out!


#7 If you can make great dough, you’ll make great “dough!”


#6 Never leave home without da mobile “Ameche.”


#5 Get up, have some coffee and “pin your diapers on!”


#4 There’s nothin’ wrong with knowing from nothin’. Repeat after me: I know from nothin’. See how easy that was.


#3 If ya want good pizza, go to Godfather’s Pizza. Period.


#2 I never get tired of hearing: “Hey Godfather…nice “rags.”


#1 Always get together with da family, at least once a week, to bump gums!