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At the end of last month, we encouraged Godfather's Pizza fans give us their two cents and vote for their favorite pizza and side item.

And the results are in...

Unfortunately, The Godfather can’t win all the awards each year, but we can dream! Which got us to thinking – what would movies be like if Godfather’s Pizza was actually a movie production company, such as Da Boss Works or Godfather’s Production?

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Awwww, the weekend of love is here! But every day is Valentine's Day from our fans (we feel the love!). Here are our favorite Tweets of the Week!


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That really big football game (you know, the one with the crazy half-time show) is gone and past, but our favorite tweets shall be memorialized in our blog forever! And it looks like our fans enjoyed taking lots of photos lately. Here are our favorite Tweets of the Week(s)!

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