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You probably have heard the term “gluten-free” tossed around a lot lately- it’s been a buzzword everywhere from the aisles of the grocery store to celebrities endorsing and praising it. Although you may have heard the term, many people don’t actually know what it means or understand what a... Read More

As one of the staples on our menu, the Classic combo is a go-to for many of our fans.  Here is a list of things you might not have known about this pie!

  1. It was the first pizza created by Willy Theisen, the founder of Godfather’s Pizza,... Read More

In case you fuhgottaboutit, that one football game is this Sunday. Here's a few do's and don'ts for ya...

Super Bowl 48 Broncos Seahawks ... Read More

Our first employee spotlight is on Da Boss himself, the Godfather.  He knows the ins and outs of the pizza business, all the right people and gets down to work. He stays very active with location openings and even squeezes time in for the kids at... Read More